NECA Carded Borderlands: Claptrap and Psycho Bandit

Gearbox, the company that made Borderlands, posted a picture of some of the carded Borderlands Series 1 samples NECA must have sent them to their twitter account.  You can see pretty clear what the final carded versions of Claptrap and Psycho Bandit will look like.  According to Gearbox these should be hitting stores in May so keep an eye out!  Go ahead and check out the pictures below:

In other NECA news they recently announced on their website the places international fans can pick up the Portal Gun replica.

As we come closer to shipping date, we wanted to announce a more complete list of International retailers that will carry the Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device. When we first announced the Portal Replica pre-orders, we only listed 2 retailers, in the UK and in Mexico.

We now have a more complete list, as you can see below.


  • Toys on Fire – Nepean, ON; Outremont, QC –
  • Planet X – Comics, Toys, Games, and Collectibles – Toronto Beaches & Richmond Hill –
  • The Comic Book Shoppe 2 – Ottawa & Nepean, Ontario –


  • Gator


  • Gametraders



United Kingdom



  • Blockbuster –

USA Brick & Mortar Stores To Be Announced Soon

There are a few stores in the U.S that will carry the Portal replica in-store, and those will be announced as product reaches retailers’ inventories.

They also have a short video of the gun in action worth checking out:

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