Ask Matty – May 1, 2012

Another fun round of Ask Matty this month! Thanks to the Toy Guru and his people for taking our questions, and our apologies for any that have already been asked:

Draego-Man has become my #1 figure of the year, I was curious if we could get a new character made by the Four Horsemen every year? … I’m sure they have some great ideas brewing while they make the regular releases.

No plans for new Horsemen characters every year but they will continue to sculpt all the characters!

Is there any chance the Metron chair from the DCIE subscription could be repainted and used for a cosmic throne of sorts for Zodac? Or is using tools from other lines off the table?

It is a bit out of scale for Zodac. So if we ever get to a chair for Zodac it is likely to be an all new chair and not a repaint.

On the subject of thrones, say in the future you release a Skeletor’s throne … would it be more like a weapons pak similar to the weapons rack release (but more expensive)? Or possibly a a deluxe release of a throne with a Skeletor variant?

All are possibilities but nothing is in the works right now.

Will Matty be taking advantage of the upcoming MOTU DC Comic series to push MOTUC? Possibly bringing back those full page ads you used to put in Toyfare?

It is a possibility but nothing to announce right now.

With price increases across the board next year, will that give you a little more breathing room to include stuff whereas this year got axed after being seen such as with Horde Prime and Spector? I’d love to see more characters with energy effects like Thunder Punch He-Man!

The reason we had to cut a few accessories in 2012 was because we were hit by a price increase AFTER we sold in the sub at $20.00 per figure. To compensate and ensure we don’t need to cut accessories in 2013 we will raise prices high enough to account for the cost of all accessories ahead of time.

Thanks for reading and feel free to submit a question, or just drop a note to tell me how much I stink. Whatever works!

2 thoughts on “Ask Matty – May 1, 2012”

  1. Braulio Ballines

    I saw in Pixel-Dan’s website that Mosquitor is a figure in progress. In my opinion this is a kick-ass figure to be a SDCC exclusive. Since Vykron took that place this year, I wonder when should we expect to have him suck on some blood? I am hoping it should be soon. I am desperate to add him to my shelf next to my vintage Mosquitor.

    1. My guess is Mosquitor will be the September figure and they will continue to tease parts of him through Dan’s page until the big reveal.

      I’m really pumped for him as well, amazing number of Horde coming out this year!

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