Ask Matty – May 15, 2012

Welcome back to the bi-monthly Ask Matty Q&A session! This month we tackle the exciting and important issues like gay rights, the economy, the education crisis in Am…. Oh thats not right, no this is the section where I ask Scott about dinosaurs.

I’m pretty sure a lot of these might have been answered through the month as Scott has been fielding a lot of questions on the official board … But here they are anyway:

Is there a reason Vykron’s space-man form does not have a black visor like the original prototype did?

Yes, A clear visor would have required an additional tool just for that piece (due to the clear plastic) and we could not afford more tooling and keep this at the 30.00 price point.

Will there be any Matty MOTUC reveals at Wizard World Philadelphia like there have been in the past?

No, we will not be at this show this year.

The first mini comic is great, especially seeing He-Man riding a dinosaur. There is a serious lack of dinosaurs in the MOTUC line, how do you hope to fix this problem?

By hopefully one day adding in more dinos! No plans yet but stay tuned!

Now that we have so many bio’s under our belts, are there any plans to possibly release a book collecting all the bio’s from start to finish (or volumes since obviously the bios/line aren’t done yet)?

That would be very cool. No plans right now but maybe one day.

I keep hearing rumors that the Four Horsemen will be taking a step back with MOTUC or that there are figures coming out that they did not do, is this true or just paranoid fan speculation?

This is not true.

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