DC Solicits He-Man and the MOTU #2

We reported earlier that DC is putting out a Masters of the Universe comic series written by James Robinson starting early July.  Since then we have also gotten news of a variant cover that will have a 1:25 ratio which I believe means your retailer needs to order 25 issues to get one variant shipped … so it may take a lot of ass kissing to get this sweet variant cover:

DC has sent out solicitation for the second issue as well now!  The new cover prominently features Trap-Jaw and DC reveals the following information that probably doesn’t spoil a thing:

  • ADAM sets out to reclaim the power of HE-MAN and find TEELA and MAN-AT-ARMS.
  • SKELETOR releases his minions to destroy Adam and keep him from finding his fellow Masters.

So that’s where we are at on the Masters of the Universe comic front, can’t wait to give the first a try and see if there is a good story behind it.  Enjoy the art work of the second issue:

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