Ghostbusters Subscription “Thank You” Revealed

There were those that believed.  And those people put in last year to subscribe to Club Ecto 1, the Ghostbusters line subscription.  Unfortunately about five people subscribed so they had to cancel the service and cut the amount of figures for the year (and raise the prices).  They did, however, say after the subscription had been cancelled that the fans who did order it would get a “thank you” gift from Matty for attempting to subscribe.

Many months went by and people really started badgering them to reveal this “thank you” item.  Well it looks like the patented Matty E-Mail Reveal Tour 2012 is in full swing, as the gift to subscribers has been revealed:

Yep, Glow in the Dark Slimer is your thank you for supporting the Ghostbusters Club Ecto 1 subscription.  I would say it’s a little disappointing as people who probably bought the sub have two to three Slimers already, but I bailed after I got the four guys.  Matty seems to be handling this well though paying for shipping and all.  Though that does beg the question as to how really low the commitment was to this line from the fans if they are willing to take the shipping hit on him?

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