Griffin, Horde Prime, Snake Man-At-Arms Carded

Today Matty posted up some nice pictures of the upcoming June Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  June looks to be a pretty huge and pricey month with Griffin in the beast slot, Snake Man-At-Arms bringing up the variant, and Horde Prime being the monthly figure (after originally being planned as the subscription exclusive and getting bumped for Shadow Weaver).

So go on and check out these pictures and bios.

It looks as though they are covering up Horde Prime’s picture from the bio to protect us from the huge secret that is his head.  Although prototypes have surfaced and spoiled that little secret.  But still, if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t click that link.  Also it is a bit odd that that Snake Man-At-Arms has more Horde on his card back than Horde Prime himself.  You would have thought they could have put King Hsss and Kobra Khan in at least.

All in all it looks solid, Griffin does a very good job of filling up his box.  It also looks like we discover that Man-At-Arms dies … I am curious if they will ever tackle the Snake Teela like they did in the 200x line?  I suppose I just need to keep reading the bios!

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