MOTUC News: Vykron and Spikor Video Previews

Finally I have a reason to use my Toy Guru icon from way back in 2011 when he did that Sorceress video!  Yes Scott is back with two videos this week showing off the SDCC Exclusive Vykron and the upcoming July figure, Spikor.  Go ahead and check out the videos below, and maybe even subscribe to Scott’s youtube channel and make him feel a little better tonight.  The first video is on Vykron and shows off his snap-on parts, explains the SDCC show exclusive, and precariously does not address Spikor sitting in the background.  The second video makes up for this going in depth with Spikor and showing off some additional Mattel SDCC exclusives including the Ghostbusters Dana as Zuul.

Must have been casual Friday at Matty offices today:

I assume this is Scott’s desk at the office since he appears to keep a boxed Castle Grayskull on the desk at all times.  Now he just needs to invest in one of those new HD cameras, then he can make some pretty baller videos.

It should be mentioned that Pixel-Dan has another part of the Mosquitor tease up on his site.  We have a nice view of his underwear … leaving me to assume the September figure they will be revealing this month with be Mosquitor.

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