NECA News: 50 Portal Guns Available Tonight!

Yes you read that right, in case you missed out on the shiny new NECA Aperture Sciences Portal Gun Replica NECA has 50 that will be in stock and available tonight, 5/5/2012, at midnight EST.  You just need to follow this link which currently does not work, but will once they switch it on tonight.  There are only 50 available so have your F5 button primed and ready if you are serious about being a cool dude with a Portal Gun.

In other NECA news, they look to have gotten a handful of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Vector test shots.  You can see from the pictures that he can get into a good number of poses … so while the game is pretty bad, at least the merchandise will still kick some ass!  Here’s hoping NECA has some nice Resident Evil 6 surprises for us at SDCC this year.

3 thoughts on “NECA News: 50 Portal Guns Available Tonight!”

      1. twitter:
        redfield1170@neca toys hi do you have plans for RE 6???
        neca toys @redfield1170 sorry no plans for number six!

        the tweet was yesterday!

        i dont understand neca!
        resident evil 4 a lot of figs.
        resident archive a lot of figs.
        resident evil 5 3. figs.?????
        resident evil:ORC only vector????? hä???
        resident evil 6 no figs!!!!
        i dont understand neca!

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