NECA News: P-Body’s Portal Gun Prop Replica

Riding on the huge success of the Portal Gun prop replica, NECA has announced their next prop from the Portal universe: P-Body’s Portal Gun.  For those who are not familiar Portal 2 has a coop campaign where GLaDOS has two robots named P-Body and Atlas solve puzzles to get her access to parts of the Aperture she can not get to herself.  Each robot is equiped with their own portal gun, P-Body’s differs from the original device because its shell has yellow racing stripes and its lights are orange and red.

Go ahead and check out this video NECA put out announcing the gun:

Retailers carrying the gun will be announced shortly and like the first gun, this will have a limited run of 5000.  Go check out NECA’s blog for complete details and additional photography.

Also here is a video I took of the ending of the second Portal 2 coop campaign, Peer Review, in case you want to familiarize yourself with P-Body and Atlas:

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