NECA News: Prometheus, Gremlins, HeroClix

With Prometheus opening next week internationally and the following week over here in the good ole USA, everyone seems interested in what NECA has planned for the movie.  Well we won’t get anything until after the movie releases, but NECA is saying that we well get some looks after the movie is out.  Then a gaggle of Prometheus reveals at SDCC with plans for the first stuff to show up in stores September. (Source)

It’s also worth noting the Colonial Marines from Aliens will probably be 2013 releases but we should see who they are come SDCC.


Remember that Lightning Gremlin from Gremlins 2?  Of course we all do!  Well it will be coming out as a Toysrus exclusive in July.  It will be part of a series of NECA exclusives that also includes a Glow in the Dark Robocop.  The Robocop is supposed to be a throwback to the old Kenner line and the crazy variants they used to put out.

Now that the Lightning Gremlin has found a home, it’s time to get that amazing Spider Gremlin out!

Find me a home .....!

And finally, NECA is doing a slow reveal of their SDCC exclusives … the first being a HeroClix Giant Man coming in at 7″ tall!  I put him up in our SDCC Exclusive Checklist but go ahead and check out the article from NECA themselves.  I have to admit, I’m not a AnythingClix fan, but I do know when they put out an exclusive lines wrap around convention floors for them.

Hit women err'day!

So that’s all I got for today, if you have a Toysrus near you the Predator series 5 is out with some really great looking Predator 2 figures.  They run about $18 each … the paint and detail is really solid too, so check em out!

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