Snake Men, Horde Prime, SDCC Bruce Wayne Preview

One would think that Scott “The Hit Man” Nietlich enjoys his dress down days at Mattel HQ a little too much.  Well he also seems to be enjoying posting these preview videos of upcoming Matty releases.   His latest involves showing (I guess it would be premiering, but they leaked it a little early when they put up the SDCC pre-sells) the SDCC Bruce Wayne/Batman, Snake Men Two-Pack, and Horde Prime.

Every year Matty likes to put out a musical box and 2012 is no exception to that rule.  Bruce Wayne Movie Masters comes in a huge Dark Knight Rises box that opens up to show the billionaire playboy crime fighter himself.  Then you can hit a button and it starts making sounds, open it the rest of the way to get to his bat-suit.  He comes with a mini arsenal which most Dark Knight movie masters come up short on as well.

Other previews include the Snake Men and Horde Prime.  They are a little tougher to see at the lower resolution, but exciting none the less!


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