Ask Matty – June 1, 2012

Good afternoon everyone! Here was my attempt at five questions for Mr. Guru for June 1st. I have to admit this isn’t my best showing for questions and getting answers. I’m guessing as we inch closer to SDCC the answers will probably get more ambiguous as they don’t want to give it all away.

I fear that my next set of questions may be worse than these. So I would just like to apologize in advance. Anyways, enjoy bros and gals.

[box style=”note”]It was recently mentioned that you will be avoiding the non-plastic material seen on Swampthing, MOTUC Snout Spout, or Ghostbuster’s Stay Puft. Would you consider redoing Clayface without the rubbery arms?

If we tackled Clayface again this is possible, but no plans right now for a new version of this character.

Regarding price increases next year, I think we were all expecting them … but you used the term “dramatic” to describe them causing people to be concerned that the figures could go up to $30+ dollars next year. I understand you can’t give exact numbers but can you give any clarification on what a dramatic increase might be? Some of the numbers people have been throwing out guessing are downright scary.

We won’t have this info to announce until our fan panel at SDCC.

Is there an ETA yet on the subscription management system?

Ideally before SDCC. We need to work all the bugs out first.

You have said that many Filmation characters will show up in 2013, is Filmation going to be boxing out the concept character slots we have been getting the past few years?

No, Filmation will be in addition to all the other catagories you get.

Is there a faction the MOTUC team really wants to pump out a lot of figures for and make as complete as possible? The past few years it has definitely seemed like the Horde but the Snake Men have gotten some serious love this year.

Ideally in time all of the teams and factions will get complete. It is really just a matter of time.

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