Ask Matty – June 15, 2012

I hope your Matty Sale day went well, it’s a very expensive month … especially if you have any of the other subs but even MOTUC is packed with two regular figures and a beast.  I figured I would be fiscally responsible and only get an extra Horde Prime and Snake Man-At-Arms … but that responsibility ended when I saw that had the NECA boomer as well.  So hopefully I can raise some cash from my old Marvel Legends figures I don’t want anymore to offset all this.

But hey, Ask Matty for 6/15/2012 … going into SDCC all the questions that can be answered probably have been, so I tried my best!

[box style=”note”]I was curious now that Mekaneck has been revealed, could you give a little explanatoin as to how the neck extensions work?  I know it was explained they can’t stack, so I was curious as to how they work or what range of movement they have.

You will get one Makeaneck head, one 2 inch neck and one 5 inch neck. They are swapable so you can display with no extended neck, 2 inches or 5 inches. But you can’t connect the 2 inch on top of the 5 inch to make 7 inches.

I recall the first Dark Knight Movie Masters set had a few chase variants, will this happen with the new Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters line as well?

Have you looked closely at Catwoman?

In your latest video I saw a Horde Prime sitting in the backdrop with his cancelled staff, is this a hint?  Or are you just showing off and making us drool more?

We’ve noted before we are looking for ways to release this dropped accessory, but nothing offical to announce yet.

I’ve seen a few subscribers say they never got the email regarding Mekaneck even after checking their spam folders and all … is a reason for this being looked into or was there a reason found?  Especially with the mention that more is to come, we don’t want to miss anything!

If you did not receive the email, please just call  CS to have them note and correct this if you are a sub holder!

For next year’s sub exclusive would you consider letting subscribers order up to a certain up to maximum number of the exclusive figure when they buy their sub?  What I mean is when you opt in for your sub, you have the option to maybe get yourself up to 3 Shadow Weavers per sub.  Or do you feel this defeats the purpose of the sub exclusive?

No, it is one sub exclusive figure per full sub order.[/box]

2 thoughts on “Ask Matty – June 15, 2012”

  1. Hmmm, interesting answer to wanting multiples of a sub exclusive (i.e., Shadow Weaver). Not sure why Matty would limit the number of exclusives one sub holder can get ahead of time as long as they are willing to pay the dough to get them. I realize this may damage the ‘exclusivity’ of it to a certain degree (although it’s all in the interests of a sub, so I’m not getting that part), but it’s more money in Matty’s pocket, right?

    1. I guess to them they would rather get one more commitment to a year of figures over selling multiple of one single figure.

      I’d like them to come up with some way to add on doubles of a figure in an upcoming month, I find myself more often than not getting doubles I pay twice the shipping for.

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