Mattycollector 2013 Subscription Sale Details

No, you cheeky little devil … not those details, we’re talking about when they will go on sale, how long they will be on sale, and a little tease to make us wish it was July already.  Today Matty posted to their blog (which I don’t believe I have seen before) that they have the subscriptions locked down and ready to roll out.  According to the news blast there will be old favorites returning and a new subscription.  I’ll save my speculation for after the full announcement:

[box style=”note”]Toy Fans,

Good news… we’ve nailed down the 2013 subscriptions and they’re better than ever. What are they? You’ll have to wait until July 13 at our fan panel at SDCC to find out! For now, here’s what we can tell you: we have old favorites returning, and they’ll be joined by an all-new line.

We’ve also been listening to your comments and one of the things you requested was just one single open enrollment period so subscriptions will be on sale for three weeks with no extensions. Seriously, no extensions – we’re keeping it super simple! Here are the on-sale dates:

2013 Subscriptions Sale

Starts: July 13, 2012 at 1 p.m. PT
Ends: August 6, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. PT
Extensions: None!

So be here on Friday, July 13 at 1 p.m. PT when we reveal which subscriptions will be available for 2013 — including one that’s never been offered before! You won’t want to miss this, so for an email reminder, click here to register. Or, hang out on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums and you’ll get reminders there, too.



Thankfully they will be addressing the one thing we have been asking for more than anything, that they do not extend the deadline to sign up! Great news, they are finally addressing our number one concern, extensions! Not something like combining day of purchases, inflated shipping costs, slow shipping, bad customer service, the inability to change your credit card without calling and only hoping they change it, subscriptions magically cancelling themselves … well you get the point. Our biggest concern has finally been addressed!

So what could be returning? Obviously MOTUC will be, it seems to make sense that they bring back DCIE despite all the talk of barely making this year they still have to be making a killing on that. I would assume Voltron is out. The 30th anniversary MOTUC sub is out too. There is no way Ghostbusters is coming back.

So I would think there are two subscriptions coming back. But what could this new one be?

It could be something as simple as a Filmation sub for MOTUC. Or it could be something out of left field, like a Back to the Future … after all they did offer a 6″ scale Hover Board for no apparent reason if you ordered the prop replica, maybe that was a clue? I can’t think of too many other properties there is a big collector demand for.

It’s always possible they could bring back Voltron after they saw how much of a hit it was after they started shipping. Maybe just to reissue it, or redo it in new packaging. So many mysteries left to be solved. July 13, you need to get here already!

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