Mezco Announces SDCC Exclusives

Exclusive season is in full swing with only a couple weeks left to the big show at San Diego Comic Convention.  Like most years Mezco Toyz will be bringing a handful of exclusives from their various lines to SDCC but will also be offering them to purchase online.  This year we have representation from their DC Mez-Itz line, Earthworm Jim, Thundercats, and Living Dead Dolls.  Looks like the Mez has a little something for everyone this year.  Go ahead and check out the details on what they are selling online and at SDCC:

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  • Catwoman Key Ring 2″ Mez-It ($8.00)
    • This feline fatale was voted #11 on the list of Best Villains ever, yet she still holds the key to Batman’s heart…or does she?Catwoman stands 2inches tall and features 5 points of articulation and a sturdy metal clasp. This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.
  • Earthworm Jim 6″ Figure (Metallic) ($18.00)
    • Evildoers beware as Mezco brings the intergalactic hero Earthworm Jim to life as an articulated figure! Jim comes complete with a game-accurate plasma blaster as well as his famous ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. The 6inch scale Earthworm Jim features 8 points of articulation. He comes complete not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate “bendy” unsuited worm body as well. This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.
  • DC Universe 6″ Mez-itz™ Wonder Woman (Metallic) ($20.00)
    • The Princess of the Amazons stands 6inches tall and features 5 points of articulation and a 1000 points of fun. This Summer Exclusive version features an exclusive metallic paint job and a real rope Lasso of Truth. This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.
  • Thundercats 14″ Glow-in-the-Dark Mumm-Ra 2-pack ($50.00)
    • Normally old and decrepit, he transforms himself into the powerful Mumm-Ra the Ever Living by reciting the incantation “Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!” Based on the the original animated series, this mega-scale figure is 14″ of evil ancient fury!
      Mezco’s Mumm-Ra is superbly detailed, perfectly capturing not only the iconic look of Mumm-Ra the Ever Living as he appeared in the classic television series, but the essence of his villainy as he spreads his arms wide and swears to destroy Lion-O.
      Mumm-Ra features 8 points of articulation as well as a real cloth cape and bandages. Both come packaged together in an oversized collector friendly box. This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.
  • The Dark Knight Mez-Itz™ Mega Scale Batman ($200.00)
    • This 300% Batman Mez-Itz™ is based on Batman’s look from the award winning blockbuster trio of films from Christopher Nolan. He measures 20″ from the tip of his ears to the soles of his bat-boots and features a real cloth black cape. Just like the standard Mez-Itz™, he features 5 points of articulation and 1000 points of fun. Mez-Itz™ Mega Scale Batman is securely packed in a sturdy full color box (the size of a dorm fridge). This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.
  • Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 6 ($225.00)
    • The latest dolls to be reimagined for the collection are:
      Demonique – With the wings of a night creature
      Blue – With an elaborate new outfit
      Schitzo – With reimagined facepaint and a shocking new hairstyle
      Ms. Eerie – With a stylish new hat and period dress
      All four feature glass like eyes that seem to peer into your very soul. Each member of this limited edition quartet of the damned comes with its own death certificate, and entombed in its own coffin. This is a non-numbered limited edition item of 300 sets worldwide.

So quite the variety from Mezco this year.  And prices ranging from affordable to “holy shit!”  I’m really digging the DC Mez-Itz though, they look really good, though I am going to have to skip on the 300% Dark Knight … as much as it pains me not to have an 18″ Mez-It, I have to draw a line somewhere!  This year’s SDCC is going to be very expensive (though I feel I say that every year).


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