Marvel Legends S3: Moonstar Pictures

I had thought we wouldn’t get any new Marvel Legends news until SDCC, but alas the gods are answering my prayers (so what if I sit down and pray for Marvel Legends news) again and Marvel has actually been actively posting updates on the third series of Marvel Legends.  Today they announced that Moonstar in her New Mutants outfit will join the third wave of Legends which is due in September of this year.  Now if my memory serves me correct this brings the lineup to:

  • Moonstar (New Mutants)
  • Punisher (Shares Variant Slot w/ Blade)
  • Blade (Shares Variant Slot w/ Punisher)
  • Deadpool (White Outfit)
  • US Agent
  • Mystique
  • Neo Classic Iron Man
  • Dr. Doom

[Update – I found out the full wave] And though not officially confirmed on the site, we have also seen the following that have been upcoming or rumored as being in wave three:

  • Jean Grey (Jim Lee)

If I had to guess, I am betting Moonstar is going to share a variant slot with somebody.  If Jean Grey is actually going to be in this wave that could be it, but I suppose Mystique isn’t a stretch for the spot either.  I also thought the Fantastic Four Ronan the Accuser wave Dr. Doom was really good … about the only improvement I would put on him is a wash.

Still no word on the build-a-figure but I would hope it would be a strong one since this wave is anchored with a lot of redone characters.  We’ve seen pictures of Stryfe before but there was no confirmation as to where he was landing.

Go ahead and check out the gallery of everything we have on the third wave of Marvel Legends including the new Moonstar:

[nggallery id=34]

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