NECA News: Cave Johnson’s Portal Gun UPDATE

And you though the SDCC exclusives were over for NECA?  One final item has been announced and it’s quite a limited doozy, the Cave Johnson Signature Edition P-Body Portal Gun.  Quite a mouthful isn’t it?

You may be asking who Cave Johnson is, and if you are then shame on you.  Cave Johnson is the man who founded Aperture, the company whose premises you test in the Portal games.  You don’t really learn about Cave until Portal 2 when you fall to the very bottom of the Aperture laboratories and see where everything began.  Recordings of Cave (voiced by the amazing J.K. Simmons) follow you on your quest through the now abandoned generations of Aperture.

Unfortunately J.K. Simmons will not be there, but Bill Fletcher the man who is used for the in game model of Cave will be.  NECA will have a limited 500 count run of these guns that come with a fantastic signed 8×10 Cave Johnson portrait with 250 at SDCC and the remaining stock to be announced tomorrow.

It looks to be a straight up packaging variant, but regardless we are now at three Portal Gun variations and I am sure Atlas’ gun is on the way.  NECA needs to get on making a 6″ version because my toys need an arsenal of Portal Guns.


NECA will be randomly announcing through their Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages when the complete Comic Con exclusives pack will be on sale at  This pack will include all the exclusives including the other 250 Cave Portal Guns!

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