NECA News: Gordon Freeman, Smoker, more!

NECA has some new press pictures and release dates for some of their more anticipated figures coming out this year.  While I am usually always excited for new NECA products, some of these have turned me into a drooling maniac who can’t wait for them to come out.

I can’t be the only person who wants Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman more than anything else in the world?  Well I guess my wishes will finally come true in September when Gordon comes out packed with his gravity gun and a head crab.  It’s hard to tell if he has similar hip articulation to something like Duke Nukem, or if it is more like Ash.  Either way I’m pretty stoked as he still looks incredible and a plastic representation of him is LONG overdue.

NECA - Gordon Freeman


Keeping with the Valve theme, with the Left 4 Dead Boomer coming out any day now, we have a peek at our second Left 4 Dead character the hideous Smoker.  The Smoker will also be coming out in September and if you are anything like me you have a vast hatred for this character because he always seems to hook me as the rest of my crew leaves me behind.  Let’s hope the Tank is a deluxe release in the future … oh and that the TF2 guys start making their way out as well.

NECA - Left 4 Dead Smoker

Lets transition from Valve properties to Ubisoft properties, but we’ll stay in NECA’s Player Select realm.  Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ezio will be hitting in August.  NECA always does a fantastic job with their Ezio figures and I look forward to what they can do for Assassin’s Creed III.

Finally we get ourselves a new Robocop, now we just have a picture of the new part but it’s pretty awesome.  A spring-loaded opening leg holster, very similar to the Revoltech version (but at least with NECA we won’t have to pay $50 – $75 for it).  Robocop will be out in September.

Go ahead and check out the gallery of all these figures.  And check back later today because I believe NECA will be putting out a preview of their Prometheus line!

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