The Walking Dead Episode 2 Release Date Confirmed

Tell Tale finally told us when the release date for the second episode of the Walking Dead video will be.  Amidst countless threats of internet “class action lawsuits” Tell Tale stood steadfast in not giving a reason or date for the delayed second episode of the critically acclaimed adventure game.  Well the wait is finally over and your patience has paid off, Episode 2 “Starving For Help” will be available on the Xbox 360 tommorow, Wednseday June 27 and then available on the PC and PS3 Friday June 29.

I’m very excited to see where my choices from the previous episode lead this time.  I also told myself that I would go back and play Episode 1 again and make different choices but I got lazy, even with all the time Tell Tale has given me.  However I am not as steaming mad as this guy:

Imagine if this guy was waiting for Half-Life Episode 3?

If you haven’t tried the Walking Dead game yet, I highly suggest you read my review of the first episode.  Then go buy it from your respective stores if you are a PS3 or Xbox 360 gamer.  If you are buying on the PC I highly recomment checking out Amazon to get the best price at the moment for both PC and Mac.

I also just checked my Steam library and it looks like the achievements have been added, so if you are the spoiler type take a look and see if you can figure anything out!

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