Video Preview: Snake Man-At-Arms, Griffin, Bat Signal

Did you notice that nobody had a sneak peek for two figures that were coming out this month?  Snake Man-At-Arms and Griffin are already enroute to my house yet a first look was never done.  How will I know if I want these things I already paid for?  I’m kidding, but it is nice that at least Scott did a quick video showing off this month’s figures that aren’t Horde Prime.  So those scumbag cherry pickers can make up their minds.

Although one thing I did note in this video, and it is obviously way more important than anything Scott is showing, is that snazzy red Mattel shirt.  A part of me hopes there is some dress code thing where every Thursday employees are required to wear them.  Or at least they will go on sale at Mattycollector in the near future so I can dress as a Mattel employee in my regular life … and at parties.


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