Ask Matty – July 2, 2012

Welcome to the final Q&A before SDCC!  As you can see I really strained to come up with something to ask as I only had three questions.  Well, SDCC is right around the corner and we will have a literal shit-ton of information after that.  I guess I can wait another week.

Onward to answers … and questions!

[box style=”note”]On Stinkor, the valve that plugs into his armor is not really referenced on the box anywhere.  Really unless I had knowledge from the staction release I probably would not have known where to place it.  Would it be possible in the future when a figure has a modern or alternate look it can be shown on the side flap similar to how Slush Head’s water dome instruction is?

A great suggestion and one we will take into consideration!

On Twitter, Geoff mentioned that people could get Sir Laser-Lot at SDCC. Was that just wrong info on his part or will there be some early stock there being sold?

The fig will be displayed at SDCC but is not for sale until Aug.

Am I able to change my shipping preference on my subs mid year if I contact CS or am I stuck with what I chose?

You will be able to change and we are hoping to have our “My Sub” page ready soon to have even more control over your sub.[/box]

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