DC’s Masters of the Universe #2 Digital Comic

The second in DC’s line of “Digital First” short comics is now out.  The first dealt with Sir Laser Lot, now the second is focused around Man At Arms.  These are pretty fun reads and if you have enjoyed the comics that have come out so far I suggest you make a Comixology account (or whatever your favorite digital distributor is) and grab these.  They are only .99 each so you shouldn’t go too broke purchasing them.

I like this one a little bit more than the Sir Laser Lot issue prior.  It really made Man-At-Arms stand out as almost a Batman type fighting sorcery with gadgets.  The end especially had a Dark Knight movie feel when Duncan makes his big escape.  So check it out, you can even read it on your phone or iPad.

DC Masters of the Universe #2 Digital First - Sorceress
Sorceress have you had work done?

Oh and I’ll just throw out Sorceress’ new boob job and outfit tailor-made to show it off.

DC Comics Masters of the Universe - Man At Arms
Oh come on how you aren’t even trying to hide it …


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