Hot Toys News: Agent Coulson, Chitauri, Catwoman

Hot Toys will be revealing some new figures at the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong event this Friday.  But before then they are letting us know what will be shown by doing the typical headless previews.  As if their Avengers line wasn’t full enough, they have now added Agent Coulson and the Chitauri Footsoldier.  As far as Batman news, we all knew she was coming so they show off Catwoman’s backside on the Batpod.  Also in a bit of a surprise move (not really) they are also developing a quarter scale Batman.

[box style=”note”]The annual Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong event will kick off this Friday! Fans may have expected to preview a series of upcoming collectibles there!

We will be showcasing the firstly unveiled Mark VII & Hulk from The Avengers, The Bat and Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises……

A great surprise to fans – the prototype of Agent Phil Coulson and Chitauri Footsoldier from The Avengers will be unveiled there!

What’s more, we will also showcase our first collectible figure of the 1/4th scale series at the Ani-Com! Batman fans can have a look at our first-of-its-kind 1/4th scale Batman Collectible Figure from The Dark Knight Rises!

More upcoming collectibles will be available at the event. Please stay tuned! [/box]

I’m pretty excited about Agent Phil Coulson because I feel that he fell victim to the bad storytelling in Avengers and his death was brushed over as a punchline.  So long live Phil in twelve-inch Hot Toys immortality.  The Chitauri I could care less about, they were such bland villains, more like spiky putties from Power Rangers.

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