MOTUC News: Early Perks, Voting, and more!

Since all the bombs have been dropped on us from SDCC, there was also a lot of confusion on a plethora of matters.  The “Ask Matty” boards simply blew up with questions, concerns, and speculation.  It looks as though Toy Guru is taking an honest shot at getting them all answered.

Early Purchase Access Perk Clarification:

First off the early access perk for having a subscription.  There has been confusion that you can buy sub items in addition to yours and also wether the items will ship combined with your subscription.  All this seems to be clarified now:

The early purchases are for non-sub items like Granamyr, Weapons Paks, Reissues, stands, and year-round items.  You can not order a second Ram Man during the early purchase time.  You also can’t buy a MOTUC sub and then go and purchase the monthly DCIE or Watchmen item.  Early purchases will be shipped with your sub stuff so you will save on shippingSo the early in perk isn’t as great as I thought it would be, but since it combines shipping with your sub and the reissues are included it’s also not that bad.

UPDATE: It may not be combined shipping now:

[box style=”note”]Q: Will any and all item(s) ordered during the early access time period [outside of our subscriptions] combine shipping and/or ship together with any monthly subscription item(s) that we are signed up for?

A: We are checking on this and we’ll post when we get an answer.[/box]

I hope it is true, otherwise there is little point.

Granamyr Carded:

Granamyr will be packaged in a closed box with new art by Ruby.  So it will be similar to the Wind Raider box.

Changes to 2013 Figures shown at SDCC will not happen:

According the TG the 2013 figures shown are how they are going to go to production as the team working on the 2013 lineup is ahead of the 2012 team.  This is why Frosta is still being worked on.

[box style=”note”]Q: How is it Frosta is the October 2012 figure and you are still looking at her paint scheme and deco but when asked about changing the colors up on Netossa a color chang she is too close to final when she is 6 months out? I’m glad you guys are looking at tweaking some of Frosta’s colors but on the same note how is it too late for Netossa?

A: Part of the design process. Just how things go. 2013 is being worked on by a slightly different team vs the 2012 line and the 2013 team is ahead of the game.[/box]

Fan Voting Semi-Hint:

For those trying to gather who is winning the Fan Choice voting, TG left a hint of where Illumina is in the voting … and not doing so hot with four characters ahead of her.  I hope team Geldor is strong still.

[box style=”note”]Q: did you tell disine that fan’s hate the Teela tunic on anyone that’s not Teela *remember BG Evil-Lyn?* and that fan’s hate the 1.0 buck? *you promised us we would not see the 1.0 after the 2.0 buck was done*

sad to see Mattel still hates her and her 500+ facebook fans

A: Slow down man. She hasn’t even won yet and you are already jumping the gun. We’ll have to see when and if she wins before reviewing. And I can tell you she is not even in 4th place right now. She may be popular on some sites, but from the early results, the greater fan base isn’t that interested in her (based on the current results, but anything could happen)

Still, maybe she will pull ahead in the next two weeks! Here is hoping since I know how muych she means to the fans on! I’m routing for her, but in the end it is up to the sub holders to vote.[/box]

Castle Grayskullman Commercial:

I love the winner even more since he made this –



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