MOTUC: Sub or Die 2013

At one time P. Diddy told the American people to “Vote or Die.”  The situation wasn’t nearly that dire as nothing would be actually dying if people did not vote, and I highly doubt that P. Diddy was actually keeping count and killing people who did not vote.  On the other hand a week back Scott Nietlich (Toy Guru) said “Sub or Die.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, SUB OR DIE!


Making it rain subs all up in here!

Now either Mr. Guru wanted a delicious, as we call them in Philadelphia, hoagie or he was saying if we don’t subscribe to the 2013 MOTUC service it will die.  At early last week we were at about 50% of where he claimed we needed to be for the subscription to go through.  Of course this was before the big podcast and all the celebrities endorsing the sub.  Now surely the term “creeping up” means that we have made 200% and things are all honky-dorey!

First off we have the big podcast that Scott went on this week, the Roast Gooble Dinner hosted by a bunch of dudes (and a chick, I believe) from  You want to check out episode #94 which is the most recent one and Scott does a verbal Q&A with the guys on there.  Answers a lot of stuff, and shows some optimism he seems to lack (or comes off that way) when he answers questions on the Matty forums.

TheFwoosh also has a very good pitch for why we should subscribe, that being of course for the Masters of the Universe … and it is best to put aside the “toy politics” for the ultimate good.  Check it out here.  I’m loving the almost complete vintage posters, we really need to complete them.

Next it’s time for the BIG CELEBRITY endorsements.

I guess Alan is endorsing the MOTUC sub?  I think he may have just been high, or misunderstood what was going on when some crazy guy with a Beaker avatar asked him for a retweet.  But whatever, we will take Alan’s quasi-endorsement, I’m sure it sold zero subs.

Now this one actually took effort, which is pretty cool.  Pons Maar, the man who played Saurod in the MOTU movie made a video pleading for subscriptions.  Alright now move over Alan Thicke, Pons Maar is the new leader of this movement … the man made minute long video that was edited and put it out there for us.  That is actually really cool, and we can still get a Saurod figure if things continue.

All this seriousness, let’s get a little sexy interlude before we get to more pressing issues!

If you have the time to sit down for thirteen minutes, this is an informative retread of everything 2013 sub related.  Lots of pictures taken from all over the place and a good explanation of the whole subscription process.  I hope someone who doesn’t have a sub watches it, although I feel like us weirdos who keep an eye on this all day are the only ones watching these things.

And one last video, stop motion … there is nothing better than stop motion.  I’m glad somebody did it because I was considering it, and I’m sure it would have been as horrible as that gif I did up there.

I think the fans have given it their all this weekend, let’s get this whole “Sub or Die 2013” out-of-the-way, I need me Fang Man, badly!  I’ll leave you with this picture, because I found it too sexy to put in my upcoming Vykron review.

I’m a sucker for a deep plunging v-neck …

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