NECA News: Prometheus S3 Fifield Early Look

It hasn’t been too long since SDCC when we got a literal “shit-ton” of information regarding Prometheus and their other lines.  But today Randy gave us an early look at Series 3 with a clay in-progress of Fifield.  Now if you don’t recall him from the movie he was the red-haired guy that was “there for the money” at the beginning of the movie.  He then gets left behind and him and the geologist get attacked.

He then apparently crab-walks back to the ship as a hideous zombie-type thing.  They open the door and he attacks everyone and is eventually burned to death.

Looks like we will be getting the zombified Fifield, but like David he may come with an alternate head.  I am kind of curious if they will attempt to make him crab walk or if the exploration uniforms will just be reused for all crew members.

NECA Prometheus Series 3 - Fifield
Crab walkin, jive talkin!

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