NECA Portal 2 Mini Sentry Turret Figures

One of the surprises from NECA this year at SDCC was the collection of mini Sentry Turrets in various colors and patterns.  This is inspired from the various colors presented in Portal 2.  Add a little of that blind box excitement to the mix and you have yourself a nice little collectible.

NECA is teaming up with Wizkids to bring us these three-inch tall Portal 2 Sentry Turret toys.  They should start hitting specialty shops and online around October 2012.  As I said before they will be blind boxed.

Below is a checklist of all the varieties in the first wave:

NECA Portal 2 Turret Checklist

I really dig the Sky Camo and Table turrets.  We’ll definitely take a peek at these once they come out, stay tuned!

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