SDCC 2012: Capcom Exclusives + Schedule

Capcom will have a nice presence at SDCC this year.  Resident Evil 6 will be prominently displayed at their booth, as well as some games, exclusives, freebies, and previews of whats the come.  Capcom will play host to five panels including the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary, Getting a Job in the Games Field, Resident Evil 6, Lost Planet 3 & Devil May Cry: Westward Bound, and The World of Capcom.  Capcom will also be the largest video game both at SDCC … the floor plan looks amazing.

Check out the announcement from Capcom, we will be adding their exclusive list to our SDCC 2012 Exclusive Checklist.

[box style=”note”]In addition to live-streaming Wednesday through Sunday (schedule coming soon!), we have a whole stack of events planned for those who are able to make it out to San Diego Comic-Con.

Here are the details, from our own Francis Mao!


CAPCOM returns to San Diego Comic Con this year bigger and better than ever as the largest video game booth in the entire hall with more game demos, promo items, panels, and special features than ever. Each year we’ve raised the bar in our offerings to the dedicated CAPCOM fans and this year promises to be another winner! Take a look at what we have in store for you…


Be among the first to play hot games like RESIDENT EVIL 6, LOST PLANET 3, DmC, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN VITA (featuring PS3 & Vita Cross-Play!), MARVEL VS. CAPCOM – ORIGINS, OKAMI HD, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN iOS, RESIDENT EVIL CHRONICLES HD COLLECTION, and a host of new mobile games from Capcom’s sister company, BEELINE, featuring SHREK! Note: The Resident Evil 6 demo is half an hour long so we’ll be distributing collectable tickets for each half hour demo and those will be distributed first thing each day when the doors open so it’s first come- first serve.


CAPCOM has five great panels to provide even more in-depth, behind-the scenes info about our newest game offerings.



1-2pm, RM 6BCF

Find out everything you wanted to know about the worldwide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the greatest fighting game franchise ever. Plus, find out more about the features of STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN Vita. Then, be one of the lucky ones to be chosen in the wacky SF25 Trivia contest hosted by Tomoaki Ayano – producer of SFXT Vita. Plus, more…. Thursday is STREET FIGHTER DAY at SDCC, so please come to the panel in your Street Fighter -cosplay finest!


6:15-7:15 pm, RM 6A

Hear from a panel of CAPCOM and industry colleagues as they share their stories of how they got into the video game business, provide tips on what to do so you can get into the biz, and answer your questions. This has been one of the most popular CAPCOM panels over the past years and we are so happy for all the real-life success stories of people that have attended the panel and now work in the video game industry. Maybe, you’ll be next?



6-7pm, RM 25ABC

Find out the latest inside info about the year’s most-anticipated game, RESIDENT EVIL 6, from producers Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. Learn about the all the new characters and gameplay modes, plus more! Friday is RESIDENT EVIL DAY at SDCC so please come to the panel in your Resident Evil-cosplay finest!



12:30-1:30PM, RM 24ABC

Find out more about Lost Planet 3 from Producers, Andrew Szymanski, Kenji Oguro, and Matt Sophos as they give a detailed look at the newest chapter of the Lost Planet franchise. Then, hear about the exciting rebirth of the Devil May Cry franchise from DmC producers, Alex Jones, Motohide Eshiro, and Hideaki Istuno. Followed by a Q&A session for both games.


4-5pm, RM 25ABC

This panel provides a detailed round up of ALL the CAPCOM titles being shown at SDCC plus a surprise or two 😉 ’nuff said!


The CAPCOM STORE returns loaded with the coolest CAPCOM collectibles ever! It will be jam-packed with must-haves and exclusives such as:

  • SF25th Chess Set – $400 each, 10 units at 2 per day. Individually Numbered all below #15. First come first served.
  • Hello Kitty Chun Li Plush – $ 40 each, Extremely limited units per day. Shared exclusive with Toynami.
  • Pink Chun Li Bobble Budd – $11 each, 1000 units at 200 per day.
  • SSFIV Play Arts Kai Action Figures – $55 each, 36 units of each. One of each character per customer first come first served – Ryu limited black version, Chun Li limited black version, Akuma limited white version and Cammy limited white version.
  • Monster Hunter blind box poogies Japanese import– $10 each, 89 units. 2 per person first come first served.
  • Famous Capcom Store Grab Bag – $30 each, 60 per day
  • Dante’s Ebony & Ivory Piano Repair tshirt – $20 each
  • Premium Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tshirt – $20 each
  • Welcome To Raccoon City metal sign (with actual bullet holes) – $25 each, 20 per day. One per person.


Not everything costs money at the CAPCOM booth. Play our game demos and you’ll get a cool collectible such as the RE6 Ear Light, DmC drawstring backpack, LP3 beanie or flashlight, and authentic lime green Shrek ears.

We’ll also have signings with all our game producers that have made their way to San Diego from afar and get a collectible signed poster only available at this show! Check out our Schedule of Events for signing times and location.


As if all the above wasn’t enough – there’s even more! See the debut of HELLO KITTY CHUN-LI as she appears for pictures!

— Once again, we’ll have the streaming schedule up soon, all of which takes place on our usual Twitch TV page.[/box]

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