SDCC 2012: Marvel Legends Series 3

Hasbro’s booth is well on its way to being set up and the Marvel Legends figures they want us to see for preview night and prior to their panels are out. Amongst them we get our first look at the first look at the carded samples of the third Marvel Legends series of 2012, or Return of Marvel Legends if you will.

We had most of the info on this wave prior to SDCC, but the one thing we all wanted to know was who the BAF (Build-A-Figure) will be? Well I am proud to announce Marvel Legends series three BAF will be: Nothing!

What no streamers? Confetti? Balloons?

Hasbro is taking reuse to the next level and will be including a slightly modified version of the movie Avengers bases.

I guess in hindsight we could have seen this coming with the arsenals of guns they were showing off with this wave’s figures. They weren’t going to attempt to cost out parts for a figure on top of that. We’ll gave to wait for more news as the show opens as far as what their plans are. I don’t want to speculate too much in the mean time.

One interesting thing is I see they put out a red Deadpool instead of his X-Force colors like the box art. I’m hoping this is just a variant and they haven’t canned poor white Deadpool. Although its probably great for people who missed the two-pack with Warpath. I kind of wish I had gotten the blue one now so I can make my own mini Deadpool-Corps.

So yes, no BAF for series three. Stay tuned as they have loose samples for what I assume is series four. I’ll get something up as soon as I have verification.

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