SDCC 2012: Mattypalooza MOTUC Reveals

It’s here! The big reveals for what we have to look forward to for the remainder of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. All the information, all the fun, all the reveals.  This year is quite a mixed bag and holy crap do you think they could pack any more figures into December this year?  Well go on and check it out, I’ll keep updating with pictures and info as it comes.

No Extra Sub this year, the three subs are MOTUC, DCIE, and new Watchmen.


October – Rattlor, Cy-Chop (30th Anniversary Figure by Terry Hiiguchi)
November – Dekker, Filmation King Randor, Castle Grayskullman (30th Anniversary CAF Winner)
December – Mosquitor, Procrustus (Beast $40), Granamyr (Non-Sub $80)

2013: (Start of the price increase, regular figures are $25 or $27 for non subscribers)

This year there are 12 monthly figures and 4 quarterly variants or beasts – so four less figures per year taken out of the beast/variant slots.  First two slots are show so the remaining ones will be $25 (more than likely a variant) and $50 (Going to guess a Giant).

January – Netossa
February – Jitsu, Ram Man (Quarterly – $30)
March – Fang Man
April – Fighting Foe Men three-pack (Quarterly – $75)

Club Incentive – King He-Man w/ Mini Comic #4 and map of Subternia
Traveling Exclusive – Strobo w/ Unmasked Zodak head

Each subscription for 2013 gives you a vote between the following characters:

  • Crash Landing Capt Glenn
  • Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn
  • Geldor
  • Mini-Comic Trap Jaw
  • Illumina
  • Songster
  • Camo Khan
  • Mask of Power Demon

The winner will be released tentatively in November 2013 as the monthly figure.

Also new for 2013 is that subscribers (to any/all lines) will have the opportunity to purchase items ahead of time before non-subscribers.  It is not made clear on the page if that means your entire order will ship together, but we will attempt to get clarification.  This also means items may sell out prior to the public sale date … interesting development!  What’s nice about this as well is you can buy anything on that sale date, so even if you have a MOTUC sub, you are allowed to grab the DCU figure early if you want.

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