SDCC 2012: MOTUC Preview Night

Here it is folks, a couple of nights away from Mattypalooza but Matty is not afraid to show us a few things.

The new weapons pak has been revealed and it goes by the name “I’m sorry for cutting all these accessories this year!”  No actually it is called “The Great Unrest Weapons Pak” which is also probably pretty accurate.  It basically has all the cut accessories from this year and the new stuff like the Keldor Swords and MAA Arm Cannon.  There is also a white Zoar because Mattel is trolling us.  Here is what has been spotted:

  • White Zoar
  • Red Teela Snake Headdress
  • MAA Arm Cannon
  • Keldor Swords
  • Draego Man’s Shield
  • Draego Man’s Fire Whip
  • Horde Prime’s Staff
  • Clawful’s Weapons in Green (Green Shield + Mace)
  • Redeco’d Carnivus Weapons (Blue Shield + Sword)

7/12/12 – UPDATED with BETTER Pictures!

SDCC 2012 - MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak
MOTUC – Great Unrest Weapons Pak

Not the best picture, but it will do for now:

SDCC 2012 - MOTUC Great Unrest Weapons Pak
MOTUC – Great Unrest Weapons Pak

UPDATE 7/12/12: Nice little video from TG and Eric from the 4H on the new weapon pak:

That’s an impressive pak.  No price yet but I imagine it will be a little more costly with all the new tooling. 

UPDATE: The cost is $18 and will be an October release.

Granamyr has been revealed, he is huge … he is amazing.  Check him out.

UPDATE: Granamyr is $80 and has a December release.

SDCC 2012 - MOTUC Granamyr
MOTUC – Granamyr

And a nice comparison shot with Draego-Man!

SDCC 2012 - MOTUC Granamyr Comparison Shot
MOTUC – Granamyr Comparison Shot

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