SDCC 2012: Super 7 Announces Retro Alien Line

It would seem that retro styled toys are making some sort of comeback.  Gentle Giant has been putting out jumbo sized replicas of the original Star Wars figures.  And now Super 7 has announced their Alien Reaction line, which has an interesting story to it.  According to myth, in 1979 prototypes were made of an Alien 3 3/4″ series but the line was never manufactured.  Super 7 used those prototypes to make the series anew and finally make these figures a reality.

Super 7 Alien Reaction Line

If your dream was ever to have Alien figures that you could mix in with vintage Star Wars … well I guess finally you are in luck!  Go on and read the full details from Super 7:

[box style=”note”]In 1979, prototypes for 3 ¾” action figures for the ALIEN film were developed but never manufactured.  Through our network of industry and collector contacts, Super7 has unearthed the original 33-year-old prototypes and will utilize these to help make these “lost toys” a reality.

With official authorization from 20th Century Fox, Super7 will produce the full series of ALIEN toys as part of our REACTION Figure Series (Retro-Action.)  REACTION Figures are stylized exactly as items from the “golden age” of action figures with approximately five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.

The original line up of 3 ¾” action figures for the ALIEN were scheduled to be RIPLEY, ASH, DALLAS, KANE in NOSTROMO SUIT, and the BIG CHAP (the nickname used on-set for the ALIEN creature).

Other ALIEN & ALIENS merchandise will follow, including Designer Vinyl Figures and retro-styled Glassware!   Please visit Super7’s booth (#4729) at the San Diego Comic Con for teasers of what is to come in 2013![/box]

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  1. I can hardly wait for these figures to be available. I will buy several of each figure if they aren’t too pricey. Hopefully Super 7 takes the initiative and make figures of the rest of the ill-fated Nostromo crew. These will fit in nicely with my vintage 18″ Kenner ALIEN figure.

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