SDCC 2012: WWE – MOTUC Cross Promotion

You know I suppose it just makes sense.  The WWE is full of ripped, oiled up, bulky men tackling each other.  Masters of the Universe is pretty much ripped, oiled up men doing the same exact thing.  Since Mattel has both the licenses they decided to team up with the WWE to cross promote their toy lines.

Go on and check it out over at’s site.  They just announced it during the Mattel SDCC WWE panel.

SDCC 2012 - WWE vs MOTUC

It’s a fun little read where they team up toys from both properties in tag team matches.  I think it is probably decent marketing for MOTUC who has had a severe lack of it the past year.

But it’s nice, getting the name out there with comics, business partners.  Maybe some other new stuff is in the works.

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