Ask Matty – August 1, 2012

I almost forgot about good old Ask Matty since SO MUCH information has come out since SDCC.  Sub or Die 2013 is in full swing as we now have both Blade and Saurod pleading on Youtube (or Vimeo or whatever vidoe service people use today) for us to continue the line.

Luckily after August 6th, the information overload will end, and then we have roughly a month and a half until the toy overload begins.  Since everything got delayed this year we have a backlog of figures coming every month to the end of the year so get those wallets ready!

[box style=”note”]I understand this is looking ahead a little bit but will Matty be having a presence at the New York Comic Con this year past selling the TOD Sorceress?  Like will there be reveals or anything of that nature?

We will indeed be at NYCC selling TOD Sorceress and will have reveals like last year.

Is there any other reason besides fans demanding it that sub sales will not be extended this year?  Did the extensions last year cause problems with the lines and all or is it just something you don’t want to do this year?

It helps us streamline sales.

Will any of the subscriptions this year be dependent on a certain number of sales like DCIE was last year, or are they all locked in since you don’t plan to extend? (Editor’s note: I asked this before the shit hit the fan)

All of them are. If we do not get the min for any of them they will be canceled like GB was last year. But we are only running a meter on DC due to MOTUC (up to now) always selling through. But even MOTU can be canceled if we do not get the min number of subs sold. 

The new perk of having a subscription is the ability to purchase items prior to the day-of sale.  Are these items purchased going to combine shipping with your subscription items?  Or will they be separate?

This is something we are constantly working on to improve and we will also have additional shipping options for international fans for 2013.

Does Fang Man have an articulated jaw?

Yes. And his tongue moves.

Procrustus still appears to use the Tytus buck but there appears to be a lot of improvements to the articulation.  Does he have true ball joint shoulders?  I see the cut at the bicep but how does the shoulder ball connect to the torso?

We are still confirming this and will have an update as soon as possible. We are still working out costs.

Do you have a price point yet on Strobo?  And will he be offered at Power Con and NYCC like last TOD Sorceress this year?

He will be 27.00, the same as “Day of” prices. And yes, he will be at all of our non SDCC shows in 2013. We just have not locked in which shows we are going to yet.


Oops I think I asked too many questions.  Oh well, good news on Fang Man though, if that doesn’t sell you on a sub I don’t know what would?  I’ve been waiting 57 years for a Filmation Fang Man with an articulated jaw and moving tounge … don’t trash my dreams now, I may not see another year if he goes away.

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