Ask Matty – August 15, 2012

Happy Sir Laser-Lot day everyone!  Hello?  Sir Laser-Lot army of fans?

Whatever, I dig him in a big big way and having this month’s sale here means we are thirty days closer to the reckoning!  And by the reckoning I mean Mekaneckareckoning!  Having no monthly figure this month is a downer, but having Frosta and Rattlor in October is serious retribution.

So we got our questions for August 15 … feel free to drop me a line if you want me to ask anything going forward.

[box style=”note”]Q: The Fighting Foe Men (and woman) have a huge amount of paint detail on their on the accessories and themselves.  Is this one of those instances of the Horsemen overdoing the deco and it might be scaled back?  Or now that the prices are higher we will get all those details assuming the sub reaches its minimum?

A: We are working much closer with them on how much paint can be applied so that the prototypes are closer to final product. How the FFM will wind up is yet to be seen. We are too far off to make a call on whether we will need to cost reduce deco or not to hit our price point.

Q: Assuming subs hit the minimum does the new perk of early access open the opportunity for you guys to put out more stuff outside the sub like larger Beasts or recoloring a Snake Men pack, and is there consideration for you guys to go in that direction?

A: We won’t be adding anything new to 2013 but will certainly look at this for 2014.

Q: I loved how you collected the first MOTUC DC comic and the Sir Laser Lot comic together for SDCC give aways.  Can we look forward to any more of these mash-ups now that there are three digital firsts (MAA and Battle Cat) and a second issue coming out shortly?

A: Nothing planned right now but you never know!

Q: How cool do you think it is that Blade and Saurod have actually made videos of themselves asking to save the line?  Do you guys have the rights to make their figures anyway?

A: Really awesome. We clearly owe them figures!!!!

Q: The concept and unmade characters have always been some of my favorites in the line, you had said you want to concentrate on vintage going forward is 2013/2014 pans out.  Will you be able to possibly hit some concept items outside the sub or for exclusives (like Strobo)?

A: Based on the low interest in the sub, this is one category we may need to shy away from in favor of getting to more vintage figs. We will have way fewer slots in 2014 and will need to use each one wisely. Likely none will be concept figures. [/box]

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