Battle Beasts Minimates Series 1

Remember Battle Beasts?  Those little crazy animals that came with a cool hologram stick on their chests?  Yep those guys are back, but not in POG form, nope they are back as minimates.  It seems like every property we remember as a kid is getting a comic series from somewhere.  Obviously DC has their sights on MOTU, IDW on the other hand is fleshing out the Battle Beast license.

These are some of the most unconventional minimates you will ever see, it is almost odd to see the human characters next to them because it seems like they don’t fit in.  Diamond was smart though, packing the humans with the coolest looking beasts … well-played boys.

Here is series one:

Diamond Select Battle Beasts

  • Vorin the Ram
  • Scorpion Diamond Select Battle Beast Minimates
  •  Tarantula
  • Merk the Falcon

  • Gruntos the Walrus
  • Tate Reynolds (Exclusive)


  • The Snake
  • Bliss Reynolds (Exclusive)

So there you have it, these so-called minimates Battle Beasts now have human companions.  I don’t get it, but the beasts look cool … not as cool as the Takara ones but those are really expensive.  These will be coming in December and there will also be a Toys “R” Us release with a couple of exclusives.

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