Matty 9/17 Sale: Mekaneck, Snake Men, More!

The fine people over at have announced the items that will be up for grabs in the September 2012 sale.  Note that the sale is on Monday September 17th because the 15th falls on a Saturday.

Regardless of the date, this is the start of a blitz of MOTUC product that will be relentless until the end of the year.  It will be especially brutal to the 30th anniversary subscribers as we still have two more figures in the next four months.  And if you subscribe to DC, MOTU, and the 30th line then may god have mercy on you!

Mekaneck is at full attention!


It’s going to be expensive enough for me with just my MOTUC sub stuff, but on top of that I want a Black Mask and am very tempted to get an extra Zodak with the Strobo head coming in the distant future.  I also hate shipping one item so more than likely I’ll either add some Snake Men or something else … ouch!

It’s also worth noting the Wind Raider and PKE Meter Replica will now be evergreen items (sold at all times).

Masters of the Universe Classics:

  • Mekaneck (Monthly Figure – $22)
  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor (Quarterly Variant – $22)
  • Snake Men Two Pack (Quarterly Beast – $44)
  • Zodak (Reissue – $22)
  • Weapons Rack (Reissue – $14)

DC Universe Classics:

  • Black Mask (Monthly Figure – $18)


  • Three-Pack of Vandal Savage, Batman, Future Superman

WWE Legends:

  • Tully Blanchard

That’s whats new next month, thankfully they didn’t slip a Voltron lion in to make it even more expensive!  We’ll have links up and a reminder the day before the sale!

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