MOTU Comics: Digital First #4 – Randor

The next installment in DC Comics Masters of the Universe Digital Firsts is out today.  This issue focuses on Randor and some back story on him.  I use Comixology to get mine, but if you have a DC Digital Account you can grab it there as well.  Both services have apps so you can read your shorts on the go as well.

This issue focuses on Randor’s past as a prince and the events that shaped him to be king.  There is also a little bit of back story on Man-At-Arms, and why he came to work on weapons and vehicles.

Leech? Or one of his race?

The villain they fight is Leech, or at least someone of his race.  He has a Horde symbol on his chest, so I’m not sure how many Leeches there are out there in the Horde?  They also add a new component to him that his bite is apparently toxic and turns his prey into zombies.  ultimately this leads to some pretty heavy decisions and a really great story.

This is by far my favorite of the digital shorts.  Also I am finding the redesigns are starting to grow on me.  I’m looking forward to the next even though they don’t tell us what is coming up until it’s here.

Info –

Masters of the Universe Digital First #4 – Randor
Story – Mike Costa
Cover and Art – Eric Nguyen
Colors – Tony Avina
Cost – .99
Pages – 23
Release Date – 8/11/2012

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