MOTUC News: 2013 Is On, Geldor wins, Rumors Abound

The MOTUC Sub or Die 2013 initiative is finally over, and for 2013 we chose the sub option over the die one.  According to footage released by one Scott Nietlich, subscriptions saw a 40% hike in sales the last twelve hours of the sale.  Is this possible?  Who cares, this just means the frustration is over and we can rest assured we will be getting all the awesome prototypes we saw at SDCC as well as the possibility of Horde Troopers and a rumored list (more about that later) that is making the rounds.

Here is TG (who waited all morning knowing we couldn’t wait!) in his video announcing the news:

So 2013 subscriptions come in at 135% the numbers needed to go on.  We aren’t out of the woods yet as this is the lowest subscription amount yet.  Hopefully Mattel took heed of what happened this year and steps up their game a little bit by solving problems and not leaving it entirely up to the fans to do the marketing for the line.  Enough of a rant though, lets just be happy today!

Your 2013 Fan’s Choice Winner!

Geldor is the fan’s choice winner, by a mere 27 votes over Illumina.  Although apparently the sub page said voting ends 8/8/12, TG said this was a mistake so be prepared for INTERNET CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS!

Finally rumors abound about the 2013 line.  Toy Guru has stated it’s the most tooling they have done in the line yet, he also has stated that there will be a fan demanded army builder two-pack this year.  What can we deduct from that?  First that there will be no beasts or giants this year.  As the $30 slot is Ram Man, the $75 is Fighting Foe Men, the $50 will be this two-pack, so that just leaves a $25 figure which I assume will be a variant slot.

This one is a lot more speculation, but the rumors are that the following figures should be in 2013: Calix, Two-Bad, Octavia, Rio Blast, and Sssqueeze.  Anyone’s guess if it is true, but the guy who started it is generally right and he did mention the Horde Trooper two-pack prior to TG’s hint.



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