MOTUC News: Granamyr Box Art, A Movie?

Hey He-Fa…ahhhh I can’t do it. So what is happening today in our almost daily MOTUC news column? Well first of all we have the ever important subscriber emails going out today to show off the Granamyr box art, and it looks really good!

Granamyr will come in a package similar to the Wind Raid, but obviously a lot larger. It will feature the art of Rudy Obrero who also did the Wind Raider box art. As you can see in the picture below, it looks great as well and will make a great carded or loose figure.

Also note, I was one of those people not getting the emails, so I followed TG’s directions and got in touch with Digital River to fix this injustice.  Guess what?  It worked!  Digital River aint all that bad.

Granamyr Box Art - Preview
The big red Dragon of our dreams!

Now I notice they say he is 23″ tall, but I am pretty sure that is if you fully extend his legs. So that logic is kind of cheating considering in the same news blurb they mention he can’t stand in his own.

This is where the guys like Joe Amero and those Spy Monkey fellows come in. We are going to need a Granamyr scaled walker. Now when I say walker I mean one of those four legged ones with the tennis balls on the bottom, not an AT-AT walker.  Although that gives me an idea!  I’ll have to stop by my parents some time between now and December and pick up my old AT-AT.

Speaking of Joe, he announced he is making a Manta Raider.  What is the Manta Raider you ask?  Well it’s kind of like a hoverboard for He-Man.  Joe will be selling the limited amount of these at Power Con this year.  Power Con is shaping up to have a good amount of cool custom stuff that fits with MOTUC.

John Chu?

So about that movie news.

Yep, apparently the guy who does 3D dance movies will possibly be directing a Masters of the Universe movie. Now I mean no disrespect to the director because I don’t see how ANY Masters of the Universe movie can turn out well. I don’t believe Tarantino could pull off a He-Man movie that isn’t embarrassing.

I know there are people excited about this, but my expectation is so low for this project I’d even be surprised if it actually happens. I have more faith in the 2013 MOTUC subs than this movie coming out.  Plus the 2013 subscription will have better characters in it!  Take that John Chu!

In more toy related news, Matty thought six days before the sub sale ends was a reasonable time to get press pictures out. So enjoy these wonderful shots:

[nggallery id=63]

By the way, Strobo is seriously the coolest figure next year.  Fuck all yall* who hate on concept figures.

* I still love people who hate concept figures, but I am sad they are probably going away.

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