NECA: TF2 Scout and Pyro Plushes

Millions of people around the world have issues with insomnia.  While most drug companies would tell you they have a solution, I can tell you the real solution is to snuggle up with a nice TF2 plush.  NECA has taken their license to produce merchandise from Valve properties and ran with it.  The best solution for waiting for the amazing Team Fortress 2 is to snuggle up with a nice Pyro or Scout plush, as they will be shipping in the coming weeks.  The plushes are 13″ tall, hand sewn, highly detailed, and adorable.

Meet the Pyro! Meet the Scout!

Now that we will shortly have the Pyro and Scout, it will be important for NECA to round out the team.  How cute would a kid’s bed look with the entire Team Fortress 2 team sitting on it?  And how cute would it be if their brother or sister had their own set in blue?  Yep, the future of the TF2 plush line could be amazing!

You can grab the Pyro on Amazon for $24.99.

NECA TF2 Pyro Plush
Hello I’m the Pyro!

And the Scout is on Amazon as well for $24.99.

NECA TF2 Scout Plush
Piss jar NOT included.

Snuggle up to your TF2 team!



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