Walking Dead Minimates Series 2

There is a lot of good stuff coming out this Fall, so why not lump another set of pretty cool figures into the mix?  Diamond Select will have the second series of Walking Dead minimates hitting Toys’R’Us and specialty (comic) shops in November.  This being only a month after the projected release of the first series!

There will be two distributions of this set, both have a couple overlapping zombies, but each distributor gets different main characters.  So let us have a look at who gets what shall we?


Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates - Series 2 Toysrus

  • Lori w/ Zombie Mike (TRU Exclusive)
  • Morgan w/ Zombie Terry (TRU Exclusive)
  • Sailor Zombie w/ “Cute” Zombie
  • Michonne w/ One Eye’d Zombie

Specialty/Comic Shops:

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 - SPecialty Shops

  • Andrea w/ Stabbed Zombie (Exclusive)
  • Amy w/ Stabbed Zombie (Exclusive Rare Variant)
  • Michonne w/ One Eye’d Zombie
  • Sailor Zombie w/ “Cute” Zombie

Now I have always been an Amy/Andrea fan so it does make me a little sad to hear that Amy will be a chase.  Sure she dies fairly early in the series, but at least give us a chance to flesh out that early roster!  On the other hand while I was typing this I was able to preorder Amy with the rest of the set from BBTS so it might not be as hard as I thought.

Hopefully Tony Moore gets some cash from this considering they are based on his work!  Gotta throw the man a bone for helping start this empire of merchandise.

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