NECA TF2 Pyro and Demoman to Come With In-Game Features!

As if the incredible looking Team Fortress 2 figures from NECA didn’t look good enough.  We now hear word that the figures will be coming with in-game codes for your Steam/Team Fortress 2 account.  It has not yet been announced what those actual codes will do, but an educated guess will always lead to hats.  If you don’t understand the significance of hats in TF2 then you are better off than you think, just keep on walking … and give that code to your favorite friend who plays TF2.

The first series will have two figures, both in the red team colors.  The set will include the Pyro and the Demoman.  They will retail at about the $20 range which is a great price for another amazing NECA-Valve release.  I would think these would go fast because they will include the codes and they are limited 10,000 pieces each.  You may think 10,000 is a lot, but check out how many people are playing TF2 on a Monday morning:

How many of those licenses do NECA own?

So the first set of TF2 figures will drop this January, Demoman and Pyro.  We have also seen the Heavy and Soldier prototypes so more are on the way.  You don’t want to get in as they are making the Engineer and realize Pyro and Demoman are completely sold out, so get in now!

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