NECA Portal 2 Mini Sentry Turret Video Review

I’ve been attempting to use technology to the best of my abilities, and most of the time it doesn’t really work out.  But occasionally I do get these one-take video reviews out of my fumbling.  So I have previously littered my other reviews with these guys, but I wanted to do something a little different to show off the new NECA Wizkids Portal 2 Mini Sentry Turrets.

Here is my fine, one-take look at the NECA and Wizkids Portal 2 Mini Sentry Turrets:

My blind box adventure nabbed me a closed leopard and sunburst, and also an open zebra pattern turret.  I love these little guys even if they are a little short to be accurately scaled to NECA’s other Valve figures.  Regardless these are great little figures, and feel free to reference our checklist if you want to see all the possible patterns and types.


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