NECA News: Aliens Colonial Marines Series 1, Prometheus David Test Shots

NECA has officially announced the first Aliens: Colonial Marines series which will see release around Spring 2013. The official lineup will be Hicks, Hudson, and a new Alien Warrior. They also plan to do variations of both Hicks and Hudson and I would assume any of the other characters they eventually make. The first wave will have Hudson doing the “Game Over Man” face. You can see from the pictures below they already have a couple faces sculpted for him.

Randy was asked if they would have removable helmets and said future variants would be helmeted. Sure it may stink to buy multiples, but it also shows they have a long-term plan for the line. And having tons of articulated Colonial Marines is never a bad thing!

Next up we have some new David test shots from Prometheus Series 2! The second series will have David and the Deacon. David is coming along great and I love the aesthetic of the space suits they used in the film which of course NECA nailed on the figure.

Prometheus series 2 should be out around February of 2013.

If you are looking to catch up on Prometheus, there are currently two Engineers out right now: Pressure Suit and Flight (Chair) Suit. There is also the TRU exclusive Trilobite vs Battle Damaged Engineer which I haven’t seen yet, but it’s hitting stores now.

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