NECA News: TF2 Carded Shots, HL2 Gravity Gun, The Hobbit

Welcome to another edition of NECA News!  For this update we have some great behind-the-scenes looks at Team Fortress 2 Demo Man’s clamshell, the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica, and Bilbo Baggins (The Martin Freeman Hobbit version) in quarter scale!

First off this is kind of old news at this point but I hadn’t gotten a chance to report on it: Bilbo Baggins will be joining NECA’s “Epic Scale” Lord of the Rings/Hobbit line.  Like Aragon, Legolas, Gandalf, and Gollum, Bilbo will be 18″ scale which will bring him roughly to about twelve inches.  He will also come with a great deal more articulation than the Lord of the Rings figures … he will be more like the new Gollum in the articulation department.


Next up we have the first shot of the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun 1:1 scale replica.  The gun seems to be coming along VERY well.  Here is what we know thus far.  The gun will be limited, however not as limited as the Portal Device replica.  It is projected for a Spring 2013 release and preorders will be starting soon.  It will be shown at NY Toy Fair in February, and is probably a must-have for any Gordon Freeman cosplayer.

Behold!  The Gravity Gun prop replica:


Team Fortress 2!  The toys are coming and they will be here soon.  We have a carded Demoman … well the guy inside is a test shot but this is what the final version is going to look like in the card.  I think it looks really good and they packed that clamshell full of accessories.  I’m tempted to order a couple but I might hold out for a “Blue Team” version to double dip.  These guys should be out around January, will be extremely limited, and come with in game codes for hats!


So that’s your most recent NECA update.  Lots of good stuff coming so be sure to check back often as the updates continue to pour in.

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