NECA Portal 2 Atlas Action Figure First Look!

NECA has been showing off previews of their many action figure lines this week.  Well like Chell previously, out of nowhere they have now confirmed Atlas by showing an early prototype of the robot “killing machine.”  We can see that all the details are there and this should be a phenomenal release.  He is slated for a Spring 2013 release.

I’ll assume P-Body is being worked on too because you would hate to get Atlas with no P-Body!


This brings our confirmed Valve action figures up to six:

Portal 2: Chell, Atlas
Half-Life 2: Dr. Gordon Freeman
Left 4 Dead: Boomer, Smoker
DOTA 2: Axe

Our prop replicas count

Portal 2: Chell’s Portal Gun, P-Body’s Portal Gun, Atlas’ Portal Gun, Customizable Portal Gun, SDCC Cave Johnson Portal Gun
Half-Life 2: Gravity Gun Replica

And last, but certainly not least we also have the Portal 2 Mini Turrets … collect them all!

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