Hot Toys 2013 Preview: Prometheus, GI Joe, Iron Man 3, More!

Hot Toys has released an image of their upcoming figures for 2013.  Some of them we know and expect, while others are complete surprises.  The image is blurry and a lot of heads are missing from the figures but let’s have some fun and try to name every figure in this reveal image.

I have marked up the image and tried to spot everything, I might have messed up or missed some.  Let me know if you catch anything wrong:


  1. Robocop: ED-209
  2. Terminator: Exoskeleton
  3. Arkham City: Joker
  4. Prometheus: Shaw? (Looks to have a chest, so I will assume Shaw)
  5. Man of Steel: Superman
  6. Iron Man 3: Iron Man
  7. Avengers: Bruce Banner
  8. Iron Man: Suit Platform and Armory Base with Tony Stark (The rest of the machinery behind it might be included as well, possibly part of the armory and Jarvis?)
  9. Gi Joe – Retaliation: Roadblock (The Rock!)
  10. Iron Man 3: Iron Patriot (Not sure on this one, too many Iron Men!)
  11. Dark Knight: Bat Signal
  12. Dark Knight: Bat Armory
  13. GI Joe – Retaliation: Storm Shadow (He’s RIGHT behind The Rock)
  14. Dark Knight: The Bat (Doesn’t look 1/6 scale though …)
  15. Iron Man: Cosbabies
  16. Terminator: 1/4 Scale Exoskeleton

That is what I can spot in the picture.  I may not be 100% correct, especially on some of the Iron Man stuff.  Also I’m not positive if the big red caped guy is Man of Steel Superman but it makes sense since they do a figure for all DC movies.

As far as Prometheus I think it is Shaw because it looks like the body has breasts.  Of course it has no head and they have the space suit made so David shouldn’t be far behind if it is indeed Shaw.  But regardless we are getting Prometheus Hot Toys and that is amazing!

There is also something unpainted right on top of ED-209 and below Iron Man … no clue what it is though.

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