Marvel Legends Comic Iron Man: Iron Monger BAF Wave Revealed

We knew it was coming since a teaser image was revealed last year at SDCC, but no one had heard much until a couple of days ago when a press image surfaced.  The fabled Iron Man Marvel Legends wave with the Build-A-Figure Iron Monger is now a reality.  Not a day after the press pictures were revealed the first half of the wave shows up on eBay!

The wave includes three figures:

  • Iron Patriot (with Iron Monger’s Chest)
  • Classic Iron Man (With Iron Monger’s Right Leg)
  • Heroic Age Iron Man (With Iron Monger’s Left Leg)


It looks like all the Iron Men thus far are repaints or slightly retooled reissues.  Iron Patriot is a movie Iron Man buck the Extremis buck from the Terrax wave, classic is the TRU Two-Pack figure with an additional new head.  I’m pretty sure we have seen Heroic Age before as well but I can’t seem to recall when, there have been a lot of Marvel Legends Iron Men …

The eBay seller is in California so I assume these should be hitting stores pretty soon.  Shame you have to wait until Fall 2013 to get the last three parts of Iron Monger.  If you are interested in checking out the auction here it is.  I appreciate when the seller takes thorough pictures … I guess he knew these hadn’t been listed before.

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