McFarlane Announces Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Lineup

I’ll be the first to admit I am not a fan of McFarlane’s Walking Dead action figure line.  I found both the movie and comic line far too expensive and the articulation, paint, and just about everything unappealing to me.  Needless to say they continue to plug along, and the news of the second series actually raised my eyebrow a bit.  Not because I saw anything (McFarlane hasn’t released pictures yet) but the character selection sounds fantastic.

So without further ado, the lineup for McFarlane’s The Walking Dead Series 2 is:

  • Glenn – Comes in full riot gear including removable helmet with flip-up visor, 28 points of articulation, pistols, riot shield, baton, and gas can.
  • The Governor – 28 points of articulation, alternate head and arm, kitchen knife, and pistol.
  • Penny (The Governor’s zombie daughter) – 12 points of articulation, bucket of body parts, fish tank, Governor’s trophy heads including a head that can be put on Michonne’s zombie pet to make Terry.
  • Mike (Michonne’s zombie pet and ex-boyfriend) – 17 points of articulation, removable arms and head, collar, chain, removable intestines.
  • Bloody Black and White Governor and Penny Two-Pack – Same as the regular releases packed together in blood splattered black and white.

I’ve got to say that this wave sounds a hundred times more ambitious than their first.  I am interested to see if Glenn keeps all the accessories and functionality they are planning because he sounds like a great figure.  The Governor and Penny sound very interesting as well.  I’m a little surprised they are going for a dead child release … oh wait this is McFarlane, they’ve done plenty of weird creepy Tortured Soul stuff in the past.  Never mind this seems right up their alley!

These figures are expected to have a June 2013 release date.  If you are interested in the first Walking Dead Comic wave from McFarlane you can check them out, or buy them if you want on Amazon (fair warning, they seem to go for decent money these days):

Official McFarlane statement is here.

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